Develop Your SIGNATURE Monetized Message in 6-Weeks


April 3 - May 12, 2017


Whether you are an entrepreneur, author, corporate professional or person with a story that could empower others, there is a message inside of you! Signature Success will help you identify what that message is and turn it into a monetized business model to impact your sphere of influence and create an additional stream of revenue.


What you will develop:


Your custom SIGNATURE keynote speech

Your custom SIGNATURE workshop/training course

Your custom SIGNATURE event

Your custom SPEAKING marketing plan

Your custom SIGNATURE launch plan


What you will learn:


-How to write memorable speeches that resonate with your target audience

-Delivery techniques for dynamic public speaking

-The blueprint for conducting content-packed workshops and training courses

-How to create customized events based on your core message

-How to market yourself as a certified speaker

Business tools to launch the speaking extension of your career


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Develop Your Pathway to Multiple Streams of Income to Fund Your Dreams


Saturday, February 25, 2017


How long will you hold on to your BIG dreams waiting for the right funding or the right opportunity? It’s time to take control of your dream by creating your own capital by building multiple streams of income that compliment where you’re headed and build a solid brand along the way.


Your dream is not a destination; it is a life-long journey that you deserve to pursue. Meet me in the Faith Lane for this life-changing course where you’ll learn to say yes to you and begin the process to living your profitable dream life NOW.


What Will You Discover:

-How to say yes to the BIG dreams God has placed in your heart

-What current skills, gifts and talents you possess that are untapped

- What is in your toolkit that can create the funds necessary to reach your BIG dreams

What You Will Experience:


A college level course with Daniela Gabrielle that challenges you to dream out of the box and how to rise up to begin creating or elevating your brand. It's time to break the ceiling over your life or business.



What You Will Develop:


Your custom LAUNCH vision

Your custom 30-60-90 LAUNCH plan



Program Includes:

2-hour LIVE Virtual Master Course

Dreams 2 Streams e-Workbook with post-course action plan

Dreams 2 Streams Audio Playback

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Faith Lane Academy


Welcome to Faith Lane Academy where we are equipping entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders to maximize their Faith Lane. Our workshops, courses, & events are designed to educate while providing a HUGE emphasis on execution. Each course requires that students complete coursework tasks that allow them to walk away having moved forward toward their BIG dream.


The academy is perfect for those who are exhausted with dreaming on information overload and are ready to move into the most profitable and productive time of their life. If that’s you, we invite you to join for one of our unique courses virtually or on-site in Orlando, Fl or Atlanta, GA.


Courses are added and updated monthly.

Release Your Book from Belly to Bookstore 


Part I: April 3- May 29 

Part II: June 5 - July 31

Part III: August 7- August 28 


There is a book in you just waiting to be RELEASED! In the #YearofRELEASE our team is ready to help you do just that. The Ultimate Book Release Program is more than just a book development program; we are midwives, established to help you push out your first  or next book. As a company we share in the triumph of completing a goal that only a small population of the world has achieved. We are there to support you through the ups and downs of writing and publishing your book, while helping you develop an industry standard product that SELLS!



This course will help you discover your who, what, where, how and why for writing a book. It will guide you through the process of developing your concept into a completed manuscript and show you how to build a buzz during your writing process. You'll develop your book synopsis, table of contents, chapter structure, foreword and endorsements request letters, buzz building plan and a writing plan. The ultimate goal of this course is to complete your manuscript & the key tools to move into the publishing process.  

Course Material: Release Your Inner Writer e-book by Daniela Gabrielle


This course will walk you through transforming your manuscript into a published book. While attending virtual classes on self-publishing, how to use a self-publishing platform, and strategies for launching your book you'll also be working with a team that will edit your manuscript, design and layout your interior and prep it for publishing. By the completion of the program you'll have a completed published book on the market for sale. 


Course Material: Year of Release journal from The Faith Lane Collection


Publishing a book makes you an author, building a business model around your book makes you a profitable & impactful authorpreneur.  This course will teach you the business of being a author. You'll learn how to leverage your book for media attention, build programs and ancillary items as by-products to your book's message, how to use your book as a business card to build or expand your audience, how to build and book speaking opportunities around your book and how to maximize sales of your book. By the completion of the program you will have developed a year long strategic plan to market and maximize your platform as a published author. 

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