MOTIQUE Dream Development Centers is a personal and professional development company that combines high energy, inspiration, motivation, entertainment and creativity with practical seminars, consulting, media, coaching, special events and transition solutions that will propel your dreams and empower you to engage in your purpose on a LARGE scale right where you are.


What stands in the way to your success? YOU!


Our online academy helps you get out of your own way, identify your strengths, override your weaknesses and present yourself, business or organization in a BIG way. We have developed and continually develop on-demand training that will help you achieve your goals.


We believe that you were created to go BIG in everything you do. You don’t have to wait to go BIG, our company helps you transition into the greatness you were designed with the tools and resources you already have.


Let the journey begin.


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Course Catalog

Create a V.I.S.I.O.N. for change that will transform your quality of living and launch you into a purposeful life.


What You Will Discover:

  • Your own personal definition of success

  • What it means to inaugurate your life and how it can lead you to a happy fulfilling life

  • How to ignite a powerful change that is personal, but purposeful

  • Your personal passions and life purpose

  • The four foundational truths of inauguration to create a life you love

  • How to balance the collision of creativity and execution that is required to make a successful change

  • How the Seven Limitless Thinking Guidelines create a perfect atmosphere for dreaming of a BIG change

  • How to use your passions to impact the world around you

  • How to create a vision for change that becomes a life plan and road map for something bigger than you ever imagined

  • The barriers that have kept you from taking control of your life and living your dreams


Map out the plays to your most profitable, productive and purpose driven year using strategies that billion dollar companies use combined with elements of FAITH and VISION .​

Finish In The Faith Lane: Master Planning Course is your training ground to creating an annual plan that will streamline your messaging, identify your monetization channels, outline a solid marketing and media plan to experience your most profitable year yet.


This course is simple yet effective, providing you with the core tools to FINISH your current year strong while creating a pathway to make your New Year even more successful. 


Get Ready To Experience Year Over Year GROWTH.

What You Will Build:


Your Annual MESSAGE

Your Annual MONETIZATION projection 

Your Annual  MARKETING & MEDIA plan

Your 4th Quarter MOMENTUM MAP to launch your new year POWERFULLY 




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