Movers and Shakers International Network (MSIN) is a hub for high-performing professionals who have chosen to lead extraordinary lives that transform industries, communities, people groups and systems through a life in the Faith Lane.

One of the opportunities we discovered when it came to high-performing professionals and highly visible leaders was the need to for a safe place to re-charge, re-group, garner support in difficult seasons and to be vulnerable. Being a leader doesn't make you exempt from the challenges of life. MSIN gives an outlet to those who typically feel alone due to their profession or call and brings them together to become more effective.


The group provides a safe place for high-level professionals to grow, expand and be strengthened to continually build their dreams. It also acts as a think-tank for the Seven Mountains of Society, studying the transformations in these areas and creating faith-based strategies to affect positive change in the mountains of Arts/Entertainment, Media, Government, Religion, Education, Business, and Family.



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