You're On The Dawning of A New Year. Make It A PROFITABLE One!


There are three ways to measure the success of any brand, its impact, its influence & its income. To grow your brand it is vital that you are intentional in your actions. Although many great brands were birthed accidentally, their growth and stability lie in proper planning and execution. 


To grow BIG you have to build BIG and to build BIG you have to do what the corporate giants do and that's PLAN TO PROFIT! 

Finish In The Faith Lane: Master Planning Course is your training ground to creating an annual plan that will streamline your messaging, identify your monetization channels, outline a solid marketing and media plan to experience your most profitable year yet.


This course is simple yet effective, providing you with the core tools to FINISH your current year strong while creating a pathway to make your New Year even more successful. 


Get Ready To Experience Year Over Year GROWTH.

Your Master Planning Training Team

Master Trainer & Author, Daniela Gabrielle

As a dream development expert with over eighteen years in marketing, branding & revenue planning for multi-million dollar corporations & organizations, I've had the privilege of helping accounts grow profitable revenue year over year. As an entrepreneur, I believe that those same BIG business tactics are key to experience massive growth in businesses and brands being built from the ground up. 

I will be walking you through Finish In The Faith Lane: Profit Playbook during your one-day virtual workshop as your course instructor. You'll be empowered through our LIVE lessons and able to pick my brain as a consultant during our Q&A sessions. Participants will also receive feedback on their plans and ideas through the virtual workshop

My assets include experience in aligning curriculum and pedagogical practices, planning, implementing, and leadership of quality educational programs that meet broad-based student needs, and leadership in combination with an understanding of the importance of school culture in the attainment of educational goals and objectives and commitment to the philosophies of the “Equitable Learning Opportunities for All Learners”.

I will be serving as your accountability coach for four weeks following your virtual workshop to help guide you through the course work and planning necessary to complete your playbook and launch your year. My goal is to help you keep your eye on the goal and get to the finish line with a stellar plan that fits your "Life In The Faith Lane."

What you will receive:


(4) LIVE Group Training Sessions + Bonus Q&A Sessions 

    -Mondays from  8:00 pm EST - 10:00 pm EST

Audio Playback MP3s for Your Dream Development Library

Course Materials Mailed Directly To Your Home

4-Week Virtual Implementation Coaching Program

Course Materials (Included In Your Course Investment):

Finish In The Faith Lane: 4th Quarter Profit Playbook (29.99)


What You Will Build:


Your 2018 MESSAGE

Your 2018 MONETIZATION projection 

Your 2018 MARKETING & MEDIA plan

Your 4th Quarter MOMENTUM MAP to launch your new year POWERFULLY 



What You Will Need:


FB account for private FB group access

Telephone or Computer access for Master Course Sessions


NOTE: Our Master Courses are very intimate and personalized; therefore they are limited to twelve participants per session. Once a course has been filled, we will consider adding additional LIVE sessions throughout the 4th quarter, however, we cannot guarantee that additional LIVE opportunities for this class will open.


Investment:  $250 Introductory Investment (Reguarly $699) For The First Ten Students To Register


We have a limited amount of payment plan spaces available. Payment plans are first come, first serve and must be paid in full by Friday, October 21, 2018. 


Yes! I'm Ready To FINISH 2018 in the Faith Lane & Launch My Most Profitable Year Ever!



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