Do you have notebooks full of BIG dreams?

Are you ready to transform your ideas into income?

Looking to expand your

brand and get noticed?


Let Me Show You Your Endless Opportunities to Expand

How long will you hold on to your BIG dreams waiting for the right funding or the right opportunity? It’s time to take control of your dream by creating your own capital by building multiple streams of income that compliment where you’re headed and build a solid brand along the way.


Your dream is not a destination; it is a life-long journey that you deserve to pursue. Meet me in the Faith Lane for this life-changing course where you’ll learn to say yes to you and begin the process to living your profitable dream life NOW.

What Will You Discover:

-How to say yes to the BIG dreams God has placed in your heart

-What current skills, gifts and talents you possess that are untapped

- What is in your toolkit that can create the funds necessary to reach your BIG dreams

What You Will Experience:


A college level course with Daniela Gabrielle that challenges you to dream out of the box and how to rise up to begin creating or elevating your brand. It's time to break the ceiling over your life or business.



What You Will Develop:


Your custom LAUNCH vision

Your custom 30-60-90 LAUNCH plan



Program Includes:

2-hour LIVE Virtual Master Course

Dreams 2 Streams e-Workbook with post-course action plan

Dreams 2 Streams Audio Playback



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