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DGTV "Life In Motion" is a premiere lifestyle channel providing you with upbeat entertainment, education, and news. We believe that you were created to "Live A Life You Love" so all of our shows, specials, and media promote limitless living. We will introduce you to ordinary people doing extraordinary things, take you behind the scenes of special events across the globe, and give you entertainingly empowering reality television.


You weren't born to stand still you were born to experience, "Life In Motion."


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DG Invades O Town

Daniela Gabrielle goes LIVE to Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend in Miami to share with you the ah-haaaaaaaa's of this legendary tour. 

Victor Issacs Talks About The Launch of DGTV

COO Victor Issacs shares his excitement about the DGTV project

Limitless Living Tour Mogul Mentoring

Daniela Gabrielle stopped by Nobel Hill Memorial Center in Carterville, GA during her Limitless Living Tour to host a Mogul Mentoring Session with local moguls in the making.

Making Your Dreams A Reality

IThe Transition Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and author of "Big Mouth, Big Dreams," Daniela Gabrielle shares how to make your dreams a reality and make the transition period easier and successful. She also shares tips on how to conquer the fear of change and how to "upgrade your life."


Produced and Aired by Emotional Mojo

Living Beneath the Prosperity Line

Daniela-Gabrielle invites you to to experience excerpts from her soon to be released book, Fly Free: Finding the Courage to Live without Limitations on Chapter 3: Living Beneath the Prosperity Line. Don't miss these powerful clues to expose what is limiting your from a full and fulfilling life!

Tyesha Talks Interview 

Daniela Gabrielle shares her story to the Queen of Talk NYC, Tyesha


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