Meet the 2017 Comeback Cave Leadership Team

Daniela Gabrielle

Daniela Gabrielle is a dynamic EdUtainment Personality, where entertainment meets education, who uses a 360-degree vantage point of her own life’s experiences to empower others to live a life they love. She believes that every person has a path that they are called to walk and a mountain of society that they were born to influence.


Her heart to help people get there and to show them a well-rounded picture of the journey birthed the Life In The Faith Lane movement. Her life message is based on Life In The Faith Lane where she teaches that there is no success without God. She uses this message to equip and release people into their Faith Lane with maximized impact.


Merging faith and success, Daniela Gabrielle dream development expert with over eighteen years in marketing, visual design, branding & revenue planning for multi-million dollar corporations & organizations. She has had the privilege of helping accounts grow profitable revenue year over year. As an entrepreneur, she uses those same BIG business tactics to help clients experience massive growth in businesses and brands being built from the ground up.


Daniela will serve The Comeback Cave as your Vision and Visionary RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia while also servicing the Central Florida, Central Pennsylvania, Greater Charlotte and Canadian markets.


Sherry Roland-Washington

Sherry Roland-Washington is an Educator’s Educator. She has passion for unlocking the pathway to reaching personal and professional goals through continuing education and higher education. She is the CEO of SLW and has also served as an Assistant Superintendent, Federal Grants Writer, Chief Academic Officer, teacher, professional development facilitator, principal, assistant principal, an Educational Consultant for Pennsylvania Department of Education, YouthBuild USA (Massachusetts), The School Improvement Network, (Maryland) and an Adjunct Professor.


Sherry firmly believes that every great plan requires accountability in its implementation phases. She helps guides others through “doing the work” to complete their God-given assignments and to launch their lives. From K- Higher Ed, she is passionate about ensuring that people have the tools necessary to keep their eye on the goal and get to the finish line.


Sherry will serve The Comeback Cave as your Accountability RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides in Central Pennsylvania.

Zulma Mendez

Zulma is a passionate dynamic Life Transformation Stylist who exemplifies love and empowers women to dig deep within themselves and to fully embrace the dilemmas and choices facing them, expanding ones capacity to be the fullest expression of their essential self. Zulma knows what is like to live at the absolute lowest parts of life and allowed the opinion of others define who she was. That is why she is so passionate to help others find their true authentic worth.


A true advocate of spiritual and professional development, Zulma attended DeVry University for Computer Information Systems and Business Management, has a certification in Theology Studies, and is a certified Signature Success Speaker™. She has been a leader in the staffing industry for over 14 years where she helped individuals with their career choices as well as cultivated and built indispensable partnerships with companies.


Zulma will serve The Comeback Cave as your Spiritual RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides in Central Pennsylvania with her two AMAZING children.

Gwennetta Wright

Gwennetta Wright is a seasoned entrepreneur and celebrated author. An award-winning businesswoman, Wright’s ability to reflect a passion for service in order to reach success has become a flagship component to her brand as both a tax professional, realtor and media spokesperson. Gwennetta is a heavily relied upon business resource within the national landscape of both small and large professional entities looking to plan financial expansion while also increasing brand visibility. Gwennetta utilizes her resources and talents to empower others and provide accurate and sound advice to other new and growing businesses.


Over the course of ten years, Gwennetta has built and grown multiple profitable companies. She currently is the founder and owner of Xpert Tax Service LLC and Xpert Business as well as the CEO of Reach 4 Your Dream Inc. In addition, Gwenn is a realtor with Prestige Property. With a passion for fusing faith and business, Gwennetta has been able to transform lives through both her entrepreneurial career and as an active philanthropist.


Gwennetta will serve The Comeback Cave as your Business and Finance RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides dually in Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia.

MaDonna Awotwi

MaDonna Awotwi a first generation American born Ghanaian considered a hoarder of useless information and a connector of words and people. As a brand strategist, vision coach, and social media-marketing specialist, Madonna works diligently to assist small businesses in branding themselves. She is the owner of Sankofa Concepts where she helps people realize and actualize their goals and dreams.


Above all she Madonna is a woman who is passionately in love with Christ. She firmly believes the interconnectivity of faith in every aspect of life and is dedicated to seeing other people’s visions come to fruition despite the obstacles that life may throw in their paths.


Madonna will serve The Comeback Cave as your Resilience & Visual Brilliance RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides in dually Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Charlotte, NC.

Sharee McFadden

Sharee McFadden helps people see their vision clearly and works with them to develop a mindset that will help them to manifest their vision and make it plain. She strongly feels her purpose is to help infuse joy, hope and light into everyone she meets along her life's journey.


Sharee is a go-to public relations and project manager for small and individual business owners seeking fresh and unconventional approaches to reaching their audience and bringing ideas to life. She is an event coordinator and host, writer, social media personality, and performer. She is a dynamic speaker and moderator certified by the Signature Success Speakers Association. She thrives on connecting people and helping them bring their vision to life.


As a community and youth advocate, she serves as a member of the NAACP, York Chapter, YWCA Jr. Board Member, is a youth sports cheerleading coach and co-founder and mentor of YaYa Girls, an after-school mentoring and empowerment program. She is a mom to Josiah Matthew, 11 and holds a BA in Public Relations and concentrations in Professional Writing and Speech Communication.


Sharee will serve The Comeback Cave as your Community & Ambassador of Joy RELEASE Coach for 2017. She resides in York, Pennsylvania.



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