Are you maximizing your published book to transform your career, business or brand?


Do you feel stuck now that you’ve finished your book?


Are you looking to upgrade the impact that your book is having?


Are you ready to increase book sales and generate new revenue?




Authorpreneurship 101 is a content-packed course designed to help authors attract their ideal client, gain media attention and develop multiple streams of revenue from your existing book. This six-hour course is broken into three two-hour classes that will help you create a roadmap to a new platform as an author.

Session 1- MARKETING

You will learn how to develop a marketing plan that engages your target market and builds an engaged community around your book. We will discuss marketing strategies, social media strategies and event planning strategies to keep the momentum going AFTER the book launch.


Session 2- MEDIA

You will get strategies on how to generate buzz about your book, pitch yourself to media outlets and book yourself in your industry. We will discuss how to get your book in the hands of celebrities/influencers and why PR is essential to giving your book an extended shelf life.     



You will learn how to create multiple streams of revenue using your existing book. We will discuss how to attach a mission to your book, how to use your book to further your readers experience and how to make money from your book beyond book sales.

What You Need to Know About This Course

This is a high-level course with actionable content that is easily implemented to your career. Plan to find a quiet space, bring a notebook and pen and be completely engaged in the sessions.


All sessions are replays from one of our original live courses .


Authorpreneurship 101 will not pitch you additional services or require additional fees to get the content expressed in our syllabus.


Each session will have a ten-minute break to allow time for stretching, to grab a bite or simply refuel during the session.


This course is taught by now nineteen-year marketing and media professional, entrepreneur and published author Daniela Gabrielle.


Each session will feature a LIVE Q&A activation session.


What You Need to Know About Daniela Gabrielle


Daniela Gabrielle is the author of twelve published books, journals and workbooks all written, developed, published and marketed independently.


Daniela Gabrielle has developed and released over twelve independent book projects for self-published authors.


Daniela Gabrielle has commissioned countless authors into their purpose and passion through the art of book writing.


Daniela Gabrielle has a visual communications background that began in 1998 as a member of the U.S. Air Force.


Daniela Gabrielle has developed and managed multi-million dollar marketing and revenue plans for Fortune 500 companies since 2007.


Daniela Gabrielle has been building thriving businesses and brands from the ground up for the last 16+ years.


Daniela Gabrielle has worked in various media roles from public relations, media sales, and on-air media correspondent both independently and within established media outlets.

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