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The Faith Lane is the alignment of talent and skill with spiritual gifting and personal relationship with God to accomplish supernatural exploits. It is where you step out of your comfort zone to maximize the greatness that God created you with to tranform industries, communities, nations, people groups and more.


It is where:

• Faith and life collide

• You recognize that you can do nothing GREAT without God

• You rely on the power of God and your personal relationship with him to navigate

through all aspects of life

• You move from a place of dreaming to doing and experience uncommon results

Daniela Gabrielle, The Profit Professor is a bestselling author and a sought-out Profit+Impact thought leader. As the CEO of MOTIQUE Development Co. and its multiple subsidiaries, founder of The Faith Lane Society for extraordinarily profitable and impactful leaders, and a rising television producer and on-air personality, Daniela has embraced her purpose-driven assignment to empower and equip high-performing leaders through education, business and entertainment with her message,


"Life In The Faith Lane"


The realization that there is no success without God, has allowed Daniela to transform her own life from ordinary to extraordinary by abandoning her comfortable surroundings to go after the life and career she always dreamed of. She has coined the phrase, “Let's Be EXTRA” and uses this mantra to help people across the globe elevate, expand and propel.


Daniela is a firm believer in continuing education. She studied Multimedia Management and Graphic Design at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland, has a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and has done extensive training on leadership development from a personal, spiritual and professional perspective.


Daniela currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Heaven.

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