They that go down to the sea in ships that do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.
Psalm 107:23-24

Life takes us in all different directions, however if we are not careful it’s easy to let tough times move us out of a place of power. You my friend are powerful and were created to life a profitable and impactful LIFE. This is the year to #REFRESH your Life In The Faith Lane and become reacquainted with the gift of Faith that resides in you.


The wonders that you desire to see in 2018 are in the deep. You can’t play small in life and business and expect extraordinary results. The extraordinarily profitable and impactful life you’re called to lead is rooted in doing business in great waters. You’ve got to be willing to trust God as He stretches and leads you into areas of faith in business that you’ve never been before.


This is your season to:


  • Pick up the vision that God gave you & let Him supersize it the Faith Lane

  • Break the barriers in your life that keep you from fully moving in God’s plan

  • Expand your sphere of influence and enlarge your territory

  • Shift into international transactions, international business, & international travel

Success is not roll of the dice or some form of luck. Success is a collaboration of faith, preparation and action. When you combine these things together there's no limit to what you can achieve in your life. Most professionals and entrepreneurs tend to skip one of the three steps and end up frustrated or with limited results.

I have combined our most impactful tools to help you partner with God to

step fully into your year of seeing Wonders In The Deep. With the full 2018 Faith Lane collection, you have the spiritual and practical instruction you need to create an annual profit plan as well as manage your plans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition you have a daily tool to #REFRESH your focus when you face the challenging parts of your life in the Faith Lane.


As a bonus, I have included FREE shipping & a one-year complimentary membership to the 2017-18 Movers & Shakers International Network's Achiever's Circle.

All The Tools You Need

To Activate


In Your Life & Business In One Comprehensive Package

Create Your

Annual Profit Plan.

Develop A Winning Strategy For Your Most Profitable Year Ever! 
There are three ways to measure the success of any brand; its impact, its influence & its  income. To grow your brand it is vital that you are intentional in your actions. Although  many great brands were birthed accidentally, their growth and stability lie in proper  planning and execution.  
As a dream development expert with over nineteen years in marketing, branding &  
revenue planning for multi-million dollar corporations & organizations, I've had the  
privilege of helping accounts grow profitable revenue year over year. As an entrepreneur,  I believe that those same BIG business tactics are key to experience massive growth in  businesses and brands being built from the ground up.  
To grow BIG you have to build BIG and to build BIG you have to do what the corporate giants do and that's PLAN TO PROFIT!  
Finish In The Faith Lane is your fourth quarter guide to creating an annual profit plan  that will streamline your messaging, identify your monetization channels, & outline a  solid marketing and media plan to experience your most profitable year yet.  
Our playbook is simple yet effective. Providing you with the core tools to make your  new year profitable and productive.

Manage Your

Profit & Productivity.

Same planner...fresh and new wisdom! Volume IV allows you to plan your revenue, surplus, giving, professional development & spiritual growth in ONE life-changing planner while giving you new words of inspiration to carry you through your most PROFITABLE & IMPACTFUL year ever.  
You'll still have a place to record 100 awesome & amazing moments in the Faith Lane throughout the year, a place to create a monthly vision launch pad, end of the month assessments to quantify your achievements & each month has a special word for your life.  
Profit In The Faith Lane…because you recognize that you cannot achieve greatness without God!

Activate Your Profitable & Impactful Life.

What do you do when you feel like there is no more strength to keep going? You know those rough days where it feels like faith isn’t clicking and your efforts are coming up empty? You don’t have to fall victim to “this” moment. That’s exactly what it is, one moment in time that doesn’t define the greatness that is YOU.

The Daily Refresh is a collection of four quick, but powerful journaling activations that will help you when you wake up on the wrong side of faith. Recover your power, restore your joy and reset you back in your Faith Lane. These activations will help you re-route when you fee like you’ve lost your footing and give you that dose of strength and energy needed to unleash your extraordinary profitable and impactful life.

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